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What does the tile grout product depend on to achieve waterproof, antifouling and mildew proof?

A lot of owners, whether you have done the tile grout or ready to do, you may only know little about it. You know the benefits of the tile grout: waterproof, anti-fouling, easy to clean, beautiful, etc. But you do not know, such a group of bottles in the tile grout products have what magical energy on earth can make these benefits achieve?




1.Why the ceramic tile joint can be waterproof, mildew proof and stain proof after doing the tile grout?

Tile grout products are high-tech products, it is made from polymer, after curing, will tightly bond with ceramic tile and seamless joint together, and will form a layer of protective film on the surface of ceramic tile joint. In this way, it can prevent the invasion of the stain, like water, oil, dirty, mildew, etc., All of them don't want to get into ceramic tile joint, so, the ceramic tile joint will never blacken.

After curing, the product has high hardness and certain flexibility, which can not only keep deformation and collapse for many years, but also include thermal expansion and cold contraction of ceramic tile, thus solving the problems such as arch and fracture of ceramic tile.



2.Why is the ceramic tile joint easy to clean after doing the tile grout?

After curing, the surface of the product is smooth, such as porcelain, dust. Particles have no way to adhere to it, but will clean after a wipe, light after an absorption, thoroughly eradicate the hotbed of bacterial reproduction, improve the family's health defense index.

3. Why is the ceramic tile joint more beautiful after doing the tile grout (promote household taste)?

Tile grout product is with rich color and lustrousness, nature and exquisite, does not fade, it can match with any decoration style. Let integral space tonal more harmonious, unified, not only increase the stereo feeling, but also promote household taste.




4. Why is the ceramic tile joint healthy and environment after doing the tile grout?

The advanced materials used in kelin products do not contain heavy metals such as lead and mercury, and do not contain harmful substances such as formaldehyde, nonylphenol and benzenes, making breathing safer, tile grout more natural, healthier and environmentally friendly. We are a China environment tile grout supplier, provide best products for you.

5. Why can the service life of ceramic tile be prolonged after doing tile grout?

Although some ceramic tile is waterproof, but ceramic tile joint does not have this function. Using the filling sewing agent, it can be only waterproof for a short time. The joint is soaked by water, the water will penetrate to the bottom, it can have certain influence on the life of ceramic tile.


And the besmirch such as water and oil are blocked directly outside tile grout product, do not make it immerse to the ceramic tile joint. It is not only protecting ceramic tile joint, but also prolong ceramic tile service life.