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Tile grout must be reworked earlier in case it is damp before curing

Grouting when the joints damp will cause a lot of negative effects. If serious, may need to rework. Below Kelin flexible grout additive supplier take you to understand about the condition and solutions for the joint damp.

1. Keep the room dry

Reducing the moisture content in the air is an effective way to avoid moisture. Due to the high temperature in spring and summer, water vapor is easy to evaporate. So the construction needs the ground dry before. When the continuous rainy season coming, we should pay attention to the dryness of the room and reduce the moisture content of the air. Heat fans or air conditioners can be used in the room to raise the indoor temperature and solve the indoor humidity problem.




2. The house needs airtight during construction

Construction must pay attention to the house airtight, keep the room clean and dry. In the process of construction must not come into contact with water, otherwise it will make the tile grout white, not solidified, and affect the subsequent use effect. 


3. Be sure to check carefully after construction

Construction after the completion of the joint must be carefully checked to prevent the occurrence of being affected by damp. Usually, if the tile grout damp after curing, the surface brightness of the grout will be poor, and the color will look dim and fuzzy. When meet this kind of situation should be handled in a timely manner, otherwise it will lead to more serious consequence, it is more troublesome to construction again.




4. Keep the room dry after the construction

After grouting, in order to ensure that the joints do not become white and not easy to solidify due to excessive moisture, try to close the Windows to keep the room dry. If there is a dehumidifier in the home, it can be opened for 1-2 hours a day.