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Tile grout construction & wax VS masking tape

As we all know, there should be a lot of preparation work before the construction of the tile grout, so the last step before grouting is waxing or masking tape, the purpose is to make the step of cleaning up the rest of the material more convenient, but also can protect the ceramic tile. Now these two construction methods have become an essential step in the construction of tile grout, so which way is better to choose?

The masking tape needs to be pasted on both sides of the ceramic tile gap before construction, and the ceramic tile gap, but also to ensure that the stick neat, flat, and then the cross with the knife cut. Otherwise, it is very difficult to control after construction if there is only grout in the gap and no grout on ceramic tile. The masking tape should be about 0.5 mm from the edge of the gap; Put the tile grout on the glue gun and drive it evenly along the brick seam. Make it about 1 meter, apply it evenly with your fingers or a small scraper immediately, and peel off the paper when the tile grout does not solidify. Be sure to tear off the masking tape in a timely manner after smoothing. For a long time, it is easy to bring out the tile grout from the seam.



1. Convenient cleaning, save time and effort

There is a construction method of tile grout now, it is to wax both sides of ceramic tile gap before grouting, then clean it up with spade knife on the next day after the grout dried. Pre-waxing must be uniform, if waxing too little, the remaining grout can not be removed thoroughly; if waxing too much, it would permeate into the ceramic tile seam, and the viscosity of the tile grout material would be reduced, easy to fall off and need to rework.

After stichking the masking tape, there is no need to worry whether the waxing is uniform or not, and there is no need to worry about the wax oil flowing into the gap, and it can effectively separate the excess ceramic clay material and ceramic tiles. After construction, it can be directly torn off, which can easily end the construction and save effort in the later cleaning.

2. No shovel knife, no damage tile

Waxing must use shovel knife to clean up the rest of the material, if the wax is not uniform, the residual tile grout is not easy to clean up, in addition, the blade of the shovel is sharp, even if the shovel is slight, it will leave scratches to the ceramic tile, in the tile grout industry, The compensation for the obvious damage to the ceramic tile to owners is also common. The family still often choose the archaic brick with uneven surface now, It is too harmful to remove the residuals with shovel knife on the bricks. Some will affect the appearance seriously.

3. The masking tape has the characteristics of soft, easy to tear and tear without residual glue, can be neatly pasted on a variety of ceramic tiles, easy to peel off after construction, will not cause any damage to the ceramic tiles.

4. Beneficial to construction, more professional

After construction, tear off the paper, the edge of the seam is smooth and smooth, the sense of line is stronger, and the construction efficiency is high. Tearing off the masking tape on the day of construction will not leave any messy material. Keep the site clean and tidy, which is the embodiment of the construction team's professional and rigorous technology, considerate service.

5. The base surface of seam filling is not ceramic tile, but the surface is resin, acrylic etc. Which are easy to damage, and they are prone to chemical reaction with epoxy resin. Waxing can not protect the base, in this condition, we can only use masking tape.

In addition, the masking tape is more suitable for the small construction site, and the masking tape is more time-consuming than waxing.

Ceramic tile waxing is waxing on both sides of the ceramic tile gap, it is also convenient for the subsequent construction of residual material removing. Generally we use solid wax, smear thickness should be consistent as far as possible, do not need to smear too much, prevent the tile wax into the gap, otherwise it will affect the bonding effect of the tile grout and ceramic tile gap. If too little, it could not be protective. Waxing can prevent the tile grout from penetrating into the pores of the ceramic tile, which can well protect the ceramic tile from being polluted by tile grout. But waxing needs to wait for the tile grout until it is curing to shovel the edge, so it is easy to delay working hours, there are certain limitations. If the ceramic tile surface of the construction site is ground surface, not glazed brick, you need to use the tile wax, so as to ensure that the edge can be easily removed, not residual on the ceramic tile surface. Throw glaze brick, the surface is already very smooth, then it is no need to wax. But in order to protect the tile, it is also possible to use tile wax.



Whether tile wax or masking tape, Kellin China glue for porcelain factory suggests that we should choose the right way to carry out construction according to the actual situation of the construction site, strictly abide by the operating specifications, pay attention to details, so as not to bring unnecessary trouble.