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Tile and grout cleaning

Are you still worried about tile and grout cleaning?Our product will solve your problems.

Tile gaps is difficult to clean, it will turn black and dirty and invaded by bacteria easily. There is also phenomenon of mildew just like kitchens and bathrooms, it is not only affect our appearance, but also do harm to our health. So, it’s necessary to keep the gaps clean.



Traditional grouting is made of cement based material, so it will be faded, dirty, fragile and easy to fall off if using for a long time, thus is not very convenient to clean.



Now, our new two-component epoxy tile grout completely solves this problem. Our products is epoxy based material, after curing, it is as hard as tile, it can be washed with tiles, not easy to fade, turn color, waterproof, mildew proof. The disadvantages of traditional products have been thoroughly solved, and color is so rich that it can match tiles perfect.



If you want to keep your tile gap from getting dirty, please make tile grout for it. We are a China tile grout manufacturer, who is specialized in producing tile grout for 14 years, quality of product is stable, the color is rich, welcome to contact us.