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This is the best way to grout

Many people feel that it is very simple to grout, choose to do it yourself, hire workers construction costs are high, but may not have considered why to charge a certain amount of money, this is also from the one hand reflects the tile grout construction is a certain difficulty, and it is a time-consuming project. So, what should we do to make a good effect?



To achieve good results, pay attention to the following points:

1. Before the construction, it is very important to keep the gap dry, clean and dust-free.

2. If you want to base, you need to use good quality tile grout, poor quality will powder, resulting in the tile grout adhesion is not strong, the late fall off.

3. For the new tile, grouting after the tile is completely dry. Because if there is water in the ceramic tile base, it will damp back, affecting the curing of tile grout, and the quality and effect of tile grout in the late stage.



The above are several common problems that can most affect the construction effect of the tile grout. Kelin ceramic tile grout manufacturer remind you, tile grout as far as possible before the bottom, because the tile gaps filling agent in the bottom for a long time will be powder, not only stick, a long time will appear fall off the problem, shorten the service life. If the tile grout has been used before, be sure to clean up the gaps before construction.