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These points help you solve the problem of the tile grout degumming

1. The brick sewing is not clean enough and there is dust

Clearing joint is a simple but the thing that consumes endurance. Generally, after using clear joint cone to clear the impurity in the gap should clean the remaining gap dust back and forth with brim brush immediately, and with cleaner clear seam, checking from beginning to end next.

Reason: The joint is not clean, the dust exists between the brick seam and the tile grout, resulting in the ceramic tile and the tile grout cannot be fully bonded, causing the degumming phenomenon.



Solution: When this phenomenon occurring, there is only one way -- using the cleaning tool to remove the degumming parts, and brush to clean up the secondary construction!

2. Flexibility tile grout filling not complete, water entering

The glue nozzle should be cut according to the size of ceramic tile gap during the construction of tile grout. This is because when the outlet width of the glue nozzle is the same as the width of the joint, the glue produced by extruding real porcelain glue can be perfectly combined with the brick joint, which can avoid waste and the phenomenon of filling not full due to the small amount.

Reason: tile grout cannot be completely filled to the brick joints, using the scraper can cause the middle part of the brick joints or the bottom gap, this time if it is in the humid zone, such as: kitchen, toilet and other places construction, a lot of water flow into the ceramic tile surface, and after accumulating over a long period of time, it is very easy to cause immersion and degumming phenomenon.



Solution: pay attention to the width of the rubber nozzle and the amount of rubber nozzle before construction. If it is the tile grout degumming that has been constructed causing the phenomenon, then you need to clean the degumming part, remove the moisture, and apply the tile grout to the construction again.


3. Poor material quality of tile grout

Tile grout is very on the market at present. It is a thick paste formed by epoxy resin and high polymer with certain flexibility and general hardness of porcelain. After construction, it can form a thick protective film on the surface, with functions such as moisture-proof and impermeable.

Reason: some manufacturers "tile grout banner, but the material is filling sewing agent (trace polymer + normal pigment), which is characterized by dark color, use brick seam surface will appear after color changing phenomenon, pigment will gradually with the oxygen in the air by oxidation, so as to appear fade phenomenon, gradually change color surface will form the defect and degumming phenomenon.



Solution: if you use the tile grout, it is recommended that you find a formal tile grout construction team, and using the product construction of ceramic tile aperture are off, and then to choose the products with good quality in the construction joints, so can not only ensure the stability of inner, also can use ceramic tile grout longer.

Tile grout construction is a very important issue, which directly affects the quality of life and family health in the future, at the same time, delicate tile grout can also extend the service life of ceramic tile, and it is strongly recommended that we take seriously this matter of tile grout construction. Welcome to contact us-Kelin China colour tile grout factory.