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The timing of decoration is very important

As a tile grout person, product and craft are the foundation of the body. Today we take stock of the factors affecting the effect of the tile grout. I hope that in the future construction, we can make the tile grout this thing to do more extreme. So, what are the factors affecting the effect of tile grout?

It is especially important to choose the right construction time for the convenience of construction and the beauty and practicability of the joints. So when is the best time to do tile grout?

1. Ceramic tile shop stuck after a week, ceramic tile adhesive is contained with certain moisture. If we do the tile grout when it isn’t thoroughly dry, it is very easy to let product of tile grout be affected with damp, causing hair white and fall off.



2. Before producing a lot of dust, a large number of processes in home decoration will produce a lot of dust. Before the dust is produced, the ceramic tile joint becomes easier to clean. Even if the dust falls on the joint, it is very easy to clean.



3.Kitchen bathroom is installed before the ceiling and cabinets

If the ceiling is suspended first, the joint will be incomplete because the glue gun cannot inject the tile grout into the junction, which will affect the aesthetics. But if do tile grout first, the wall brick and condole top junction point won't have the circumstance that misses hits tile grout product.



4.Genera tile grout product construction is not impacted under the temperature of 10 degrees Celsius , so if you do the tile grout in the winter, especially in the area without indoor heating, as far as possible to grasp the temperature, snatch before the temperature drops significantly to complete the construction.

Due to the low temperature, the product is sticky, so when the temperature is lower than 15 degrees Celsius, the product should be properly heated to enhance the operability. Generally, the product can be soaked in warm water of 40-60 degrees Celsius for 10-15 minutes. The heating temperature should not be too high, so as to avoid the glue leakage caused by the heat deformation of the packaging tube.




5.Dryness: Dryness is an extremely important controllable factor in tile grout construction. The premise of tile grout construction must be to keep the construction site thoroughly dry.

The state that tile grout techician can measure drying degree according to the dust inside ceramic tile seam, when the dust inside brick seam shows powdery form only , it can namely undertake clear joint step and the operation of follow-up beautiful joint.



6.Cleanliness: As well as dryness, cleanliness is critical to beauty. Therefore, the cleaning work should be thorough, not only cleaning the surface, must be deep inside the gap deep cleaning, to ensure that the gap is dry and dust-free, in line with the construction standards.



7. Gap condition: the gap is too small and shallow, and the seam is not easy to be sewn, resulting in peeling of the product. Reasonable seam width and clear depth are the basic conditions to ensure the effect of beautiful seam.

Under normal circumstances, 800mm ceramic tile seam width 2-3mm is advisable, 800mm above 3-5mm is advisable, specific seam width should also be decided according to ceramic tile variety, specification and combined with the proposal of program designer.


Maintenance of finished products: In order to achieve the same effect for a long time, the maintenance of basic sewing should not be neglected. After the completion of the construction, the designer shall inform the owner in detail about the protection of the finished product. Before curing, avoid wind, rain, water, pollutant pollution, ground walking, etc.



Avoiding to directly contact with products with strong acid or alkali during normal use. Stain pollution, need to be cleaned in time, and clean with a neutral PH value of cleaning agent, and a soft clean cloth. At the same time the tile grout should not be soaked in water for a long time, or in the hot sun under strong light exposure. Welcome to contact us-Kelin China tile grout supplier for more information.