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The tile grout is really "toxic"

As we all know, tile grout is used to fill the seams of ceramic tiles, of course, its performance is better than the traditional tile sealant, basically replaced the traditional sealant. A lot of people would wonder that it’s a chemical product after all, is there any toxic things in tile grout? Is there formaldehyde in it? Is there styrene-propyl halides? Is it environmental friendly? Kelin tile additive supplier will talk with you today.

Poor quality sealant in the short term construction with the regular production of sealant effect is similar, of course, it is inferior, nothing could say on environmental protection. Owners do not know the market and products of tile grout. Some evil mind tilers buy some inferior tile grout for construction. Over time, of course, problems arise. It also invisibly affects people’s health.



In addition to harmful substances such as formaldehyde and benzene, the most common ingredient of inferior tile grout materials is nonylphenol. Nonylphenol is a very important fine chemical raw material and intermediate with low price. It is colorless or yellowish liquid at room temperature, mainly used for the production of surfactants.The addition of nonylphenol can not only make the color of the product extremely bright, but also enhance the adaptability of the product to construction. So, many businesses can not resist the temptation to make up for their own technical shortcomings. However, nonylphenol is an organic pollutant and a carcinogen. It can even kill male spermatozoa and promote the proliferation of breast cancer cells, which does great harm to the body.



Regular brands of tile grout, such as Kelin, are made of epoxy resin, curing agent, high-grade pigments, developed and produced through reasonable operation, and is environmentally friendly and non-toxic.



How to distinguish tile grout is good or bad:

1. Check the brand quality inspection certificate
2. Whether there is pungent smell, if the taste is larger, it means that the material is inferior
3. Whether there is a collapse in the construction process
4. Look at the color and hardness, good materials to make the effect is relatively bright, high gloss, and flexible and hardness