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The tile grout construction, how does the skin allergy do?

In order to make the home more beautiful and cleaner, more and more people began to do tile grout. Some people choose a professional construction team to do it, while others prefer to do it by themselves. When they operate by themselves, they do not wear gloves, masks and other protective equipment according to the standard construction process. During the construction process, the skin will be accidentally glued to the tile grout, and soon it will start to be red, swollen and itchy, leading to allergies.



There are two reasons for allergies, one is the product reason , and the other is personal physical reason. following, the low price ceramic sealant supplier will give you a detailed understanding.

Consumers have no experience in buying tile grout for the first time and bought inferior tile grout. In order to reduce costs, inferior tile grout often use raw materials that are not environmentally friendly, such as toluene, nonylphenol and other toxic substances. Volatilization or contact can cause people to be allergic, itchy or even swollen. If the skin itching or chest tightness occurs during the construction of the tile grout, the construction operation should be stopped immediately, the window should be opened for ventilation, and the skin contaminated by the tile grout should be cleaned. If the situation is more serious, the skin must be treated in the hospital.



The second case may be due to personal physical reasons caused by allergies. Because sealant belongs to chemicals, some people with sensitive and allergic systems may have allergies even if they use qualified tile grout, so we should pay attention to wearing long-sleeved clothes, wearing masks, goggles and gloves during construction to avoid contact with the skin. Carry out the construction operation several times, or ask a professional tiling technician to carry out the construction.



High quality tile grout is made of environmental protection materials, not only won't cause harm to human body during the construction, also won't appear volatile substances affect people's health, so everyone must pay attention to choose a big brand, guarantee of normal manufacturer of tile grout products, also should pay attention to wear gloves masks during the construction, avoid the tile grout contact with skin.