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The technological process of ceramic tile grout

Because the tiles will expand and contract with the temperature, there will be gaps in the tile. At this time, you need to fill the joints to prevent dust from entering. The tile paving effect and the overall space effect are tile grout. Most factors. Let's take a look at it in detail.



The beautiful tile grout construction steps: color selection, joints cleaning, gluing, tile grout pressing, and shovel edge.

1. Before grouting, you must choose the tile grout colors, which is mostly match with your tiles. 

2. Cleaning: Clean the construction basement before the joints, and then use a vacuum cleaner to suck up the dust in the joints of the tiles.



3. Post masking paper or tile waxing: If it is a glazed ceramic tile, you can choose to wax or not, if it is an antique brick or a wood-grained brick, you can choose a masking paper or to wax, which can prevent the tile grout from sticking to the surface of the tile and difficult to clean.

4. Loading the gun and grouting: install the glue nozzle on the tile grout bottle, then put it on the glue gun, squeeze out about 60cm of the tile grout at the front before construction, ensure the tile grout A&B can evenly mixed.



5. Press the grout: After filling the grout in the joints, use a press tool to pull from one side to the end, along the joints even speed and even strength.

6. Clean the excess grout: If you use the masking paper, you can tear off the paper immediately after the press the grout. if not,you can remove the excess grout in 4-5 hours after the construction.

The above is the simple tile grout construction process. Kelin New Material two-component tile grout manufacturer warm tips: before the grout dry completely  (about 24 hours), it is necessary to avoid the grout being polluted, try not to walk on the ground, and do not let the grout be permeated with water, so as not to affect the subsequent tile grout effect.