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The skills of construction color selection and collocation

The living room

Taking the door to greet everybody is the living room, the integral beautiful effect of the living room greatly decides the first decoration impression left on the guest. At present, a majority of ceramic tiles in the sitting room is white in yellow, just color depth has certain distinction. In order to make the integral effect of ceramic tile joint is more beautiful, the color for the tile grout that suggests everybody here should appropriately a few deeper, in this way, it will have certain chromatic difference and the visual sense of beautiful sew is stronger.




Kitchen is a relatively greasy spot. That is to say, as long as your home does not do the tile grout, for a long time, the gap is basically all black oil. It is suggested here that we can use white to show the kitchen more clean and concise.




Inside the toilet, no matter you take a bath or clean, it is inevitable that the ceramic tile is bubbled. There, we suggest that you should choose the tile grout with strong waterproof performance.



According to customer demand, choosing the desired color you want. We suggest that you can choose a lighter color, so that it will look more comfortable. Of course, the actual situation also depends on customer demand. You can also choose our-Kelin China ceramic sealant manufacturer, we'll provide the design scheme for you.