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The reason why kitchen and toilet need grout

Tile grout has become an important part of home decoration, some people worry that the kitchen and bathroom are not suitable for grouting, in fact, these two places are very necessary to grout, following takes you to know about it.

The decoration of toilet, kitchen and other rooms are not the same, not only the ground will stick ceramic tile, the wall will also stick. The toilet is damp, the white cement in the ceramic tile gap is better in water absorption, and the surface water stains are absorbed into the gap, which is easy to cause the gap to be mildewy and black. And the kitchen lampblack is larger, easy to enter the ceramic tile gap oil stains, and not easy to clean.



So we can use tile grout to effectively prevent these things from happening. Because there is often water in the kitchen and bathroom, we should choose waterproof and moisture-proof type when choosing tile grout. Waterproof tile grout can not only prevent sealant from penetrating into the gaps of ceramic tiles, but also protect the ceramic tiles.

When gluing on the wall, we must pay attention to the method. Longitudinal gaps are better to play, but we should pay attention to the liquid flow hanging phenomenon of poor quality tile grout. Generally, we should first glue from top to bottom. And then transverse glue. Transverse gap is more difficult to play, to keep the hose parallel to the gap, to ensure that the colloid into the gap, so that the effect can be guaranteed.



In the selection of tile grout, we should also choose high-quality products. Good tile grout colloid is thick and does not collapse and has strong adhesion, so as to ensure that tile grout can go up the wall without flowing and directly enter the gap. The products produced by the epoxy grout supplier are of high quality and environmentally friendly.