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The living room tile grout, 90% of the details are ignored!

Not allow to ignore

For most owners, the sitting room is the most important area in the family served as a place receiving visitors. So it is necessary to make it look tasteful and comfortable! However, in the decoration of the sitting room, the tile grout is often ignored. So, today Xiaoke will tell you what details of the sitting room tile grout will be the most easily ignored by the owners!



The choice of products

Many owners have blind spots in the choice of tile grout products, and some owners only focus on the price when choosing colorful epoxy tile grout. It is wrong. When choosing it, it should not be based on the price, but on the characteristics of waterproof, mildew-proof, dirt-resistant and chemical-resistant properties and so on. Choosing firstly about the sitting room tile grout is the properties of environmental protection tough and durable, do not fall off, do not change color and so on. Remember not to let inferior material pull down the sitting room level. Choosing the right supplier is just as important as choosing the right product, we are a China tile grout manufacturer, would be a good choice for you.



The choice of color

The living room is a very important place in the home, so it cannot be careless in choosing the color of the colorful epoxy tile grout. As for the bright color, it won't let your sitting room look capacious and bright, but can make the joints greatly conspicuous. In addition, the colorful epoxy tile grout must not choose multicoloured, it will pull down the level of the sitting room. So you must be more careful when choosing colors.



The announcements in the construction

1.Commonly, the owners will choose the ceramic tile that can spread bigger in the sitting room, so this time you should pay more attention to the construction, do not leave out any place. You will be very laborious if you are in disorder. In addition, you should pay special attention to the Yin and Yang horn of the sitting room

2. The construction temperature of colorful epoxy tile grout is best between 5℃ and 35℃. If the temperature is not suitable for the construction, it is better to change the time or adjust the temperature through air conditioning.

3. When mixing two components of colorful epoxy tile grout, you should fully mix and stir.

4. Please don't let your friends walk into your living room for 72h after construction.



Xiaoke warm tips

1. The joints must be cleaned, or there will be black edges

2. Avoid construction in the weather of rainy, high temperature and frost

3. Proper amount should be avoided in direct sunlight or strong wind

4. The suitable ambient temperature for construction is 5℃-35℃

5. Special brick surface, before large area construction, should do a small range of tests

6. The mixture must be used up within 1 hour

7. After about 72 hours, it should be completely dried before human consumption

8. It must be inspected carefully after construction