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The gap between you and professional tiler

A lot of people like DIY to dress up their home, which not only saving money also very meaningful. But we do not have the technology of professional after all, the effect that makes also can have gap with professional personnel. So what are the differences between the relatively simple tile grout? Kelin ceramic sealant supplier takes you to see the construction method of professional tile grout.

 The construction method of professional tile grout

 1. Before construction, we should use professional joint cleaning tools to clean up the cement, lime in the gap, so that the gap has a certain depth and width, and then clean up the dust in the gap with a vacuum cleaner. Although this process is very basic and seems to be no technical content, it is very important.



 2. The next step is to check whether the gap is dry. Tuck the paper towel into the gap to see if the paper towel is damp and soft. If it is wet, it cannot be constructed. Generally, it will be tested in several places to avoid uneven humidity.

3. Before the construction also need to confirm the type of ceramic tile, if the ceramic tile belongs to the smooth glaze of the bright surface, you can directly glue, if it is a rough surface, or antique wood grain ceramic tile, need to be affixed with the masking tape or the wax glue.

4. Before gluing, the first 60CM of material should be extruded to ensure that the tile grout is evenly mixed. When gluing, we must play full to ensure that the tile grout does not collapse and fall off. Slow down when gluing to ensure uniform discharge of tile grout.

5. Use professional pressing tools to press the joints with uniform strength, light and slow pressing over the joints, and do not repeat the pressing back and forth. The joint should be accelerated up to ensure that the joint is smooth. At the intersection, it is necessary to take the intersection as the starting point and extend outwards for repair. When pressing the cross buckle, the strength should be extra careful, the Angle of pressing joints should be lowered as far as possible, and the cross should be as smooth as possible, not too depressed.



6. Yin and Yang Angle treatment, Yin and Yang Angle to use professional Yin and Yang Angle joints tools. The technique is more demanding. Handling is not easy to narrow or uneven.

7. After 4-5 hours of pressing, the glue can be shoveled. In the process of table dry must ensure that the room is clean and dust-free, not trampled, water splashed on the tile grout.

The above are the construction steps of professional tilers. Pay attention to wear gloves, masks and other protective clothing before construction, so as not to stick to the skin.