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The details professional tilers easy to overlook

With the development of tile grout industry, more and more people engaged in the work of tile grout. No matter it is professional or not, experience and method are the key to better grout. Some details in grouting is also very important, but often even the professional tilers will ignore. Let Kelin flexible grout additive supplier take you to have a look at.

As we all know, you must clear the gap before grouting, which is the one of most basic and most important process. But some people often forget that the side of the gap also needs cleaning, there will be dust and impurities here. And the bottom of the gap impurities clear out, will accidentally adhere to the side, the surface. If you don't clean it up and go ahead grouting, you'll see that there's a black edge to the tile grout.



If the dust in the gap is not cleaned up, it will lead to the adhesive force not strong and easy to fall off. After clearing up the gap still can remain ash, you can use cleaner or bristle brushing the dirt inside gap being cleared away, also you can wipe with dishcloth.

Cross intersection is the place that is relatively easy to make mistake when gluing, if without experience can easily cause uneven situation, pay attention to glue the final part without stopping cross point, also one time when gaps pressing, same with cross intersection too. But in the end of the repair, the cross points of colloid toward the direction of the relative gap, assure crack formation, prevent cross point accumulation is too much tile grout.



These are the details that should be paid attention to in the process of grouting. Do you remember them all?