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The color changed no long after done the tile grout

Most people do tile grout is to beautify the gap, play a decorative role. Traditional seams are easy to turn black and yellow, while tile grout is rich in color. But many owners reflect recently, the tile grout become dis colored that done not long. how is this happen? Kelin grout booster factory summarize it for you all!

1. Not evenly mixed

Uneven mixed tile grout will also cause uneven color, some places dark, some places light. At the same time, uneven mixing will lead to non-curing, the whole tile grout will appear white, and there is color difference with the actual color.



2. The tile grout sticks with ash when curing

If the tile grout stained with dust when curing, the color will appear color difference. Many people think this is discolored, but in fact it is dust stay in the tile grout.

3. Ceramic tile seams wet 

The seams moisture is also one of the reasons why the tile grout does not dry, which will also lead to the discoloration of the grout and the existence of color difference. 



4. Discoloration in sun exposure

Due to the main component of the epoxy tile grout is epoxy resin, its chemical properties caused that it is easy to fade and change color after a long time of ultraviolet radiation under strong light. Dark color grouts will fade, light color grouts will become yellow.


Therefore, epoxy tile grout should be done in places where there is no strong sunlight, and polyurea tile grout will not have this trouble, and will not change color or fade for a long time. Therefore, Kelin New Material reminds you that choose the right tile grout in the right place.

When there is discoloration of the tile grout, we must find the reason, so as to avoid the same problem in the next construction.