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The brand tile grout product also has the formula, tells you where the advantage is!

Ceramics decoration use tile grout, which is already the mainstream choice of decoration currently. So the question comes, the market is full of sundry brand and brand tile grout products, which kind of tile grout products should we choose?  What's the difference?



1.what is a miscellaneous brand tile grout product

Sundry brand tile grout product is one which only spell price, do not care about quality, and only sell goods regardless of the service!

For example, if you want to buy a tile grout product, after analysis and comparison, you get three quotations: a price quoted by a big brand, a price quoted by a small brand, and a price quoted by a sundry brand. At this point, what would you choose?



Maybe you will be attracted by the low prices of sundry brand and small brands, so you choose the low price products. But you don't know that the big brands have the lowest profits and offer a lot of services for free; Small brand profits are common, but has saved many of the original service; Among them, the lowest price of miscellaneous brand but the highest profit! Because the products sold to you by sundry brand are made of inferior materials with low cost.

2. What problems will be brought by using inferior products.

There is no guarantee of the quality with a low-quality and low-priced product. No one knows how long it will occur the problems such as drumming, discoloration, mildew and peeling after construction, not mention that they are effectively waterproof and mildew proof, which may cause unnecessary trouble and require a second rework.

Generally speaking, the regular tile grout construction team, for the sake of their public praise and reputation, will certainly choose the tile grout products with a good brand, good quality, and a certain influence. Accordingly, the construction team that those use inferior and cheap tile grout product, it is very likely to be a temporary piece "guerrilla". These "guerrillas" get the money and then disband, there is no after-sales service, later if there are some problems in the owner's home, there is no way to find the responsible person.



3. Where are the advantages of brand tile grout products

The quality, construction effect and after-sales service of branded tile grout products are guaranteed comparing to the products of minor brands and small brands.

Brand tile grout products are strictly controlled by product quality. Their materials have no pungent smell, and they are healthy, environmentally friendly and pollution-free.



At the same time, the brand tile grout products have a good effect, uniform color distribution, no bubbles and smooth, as well as a strong sense of art.

In addition, with good quality and big brand tile grout products, they will have a complete after-sales service system. They dare to bear all the adverse consequences and can help you solve some problems after construction in time.



Now do you know which tile grout product to choose? Relating to your home health problems, it is recommended that you choose the brand tile grout products with guaranteed quality.

Kelin flexibility tile grout,waterborne tile grout, polyurea tile grout, waterborne epoxy adhesive, is a series of high-tech products produced by China tile grout manufacturer, which is made of a variety of high polymer and high-grade pigments and is covered on the surface of ceramic tile seam to form a smooth clean face like porcelain. They have lots of advantages, such as  wear-resisting, intensity tall, waterproof, prevent oil, d, easily to clean, wipe bright, color is rich and so on , which solving the difficult problem like ceramic tile gap gets dirty and black, turning yellow, not easy to clean. It is the best choice for your home tile grout.