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The advantages of full tile grout filling

As a colorful epoxy grout manufacturer, Kelin advocates that tile grout need to be fully filled. How can it be filled? Why should it be filled?

How to make tile grout to fill bottom of the tile gap, actually it is conerner with mouth size of material. When often do construction, for 2-3 mm ceramic tile, if month of material is bigger than gap. Most grout still stay in the surface, only a little will flow into bottom of gap, depth only up to 1 mm, You will feel that the tile grout is not enough when you press tile gap. However for 3-5mm ceramic tile gap, when the mouth of grout is smaller than the ceramic tile gap, then, when tile grouting, it will feel that the tile grout is not enough, a group of tile grout will used up easily, if the tile grout price is not high, full tile grout filling will lose money.



Correct way is cutting month of grouting the same size as ceramic tile gap, in this way, grouting will enter into the ceramic tile gap up to 1.5mm before pressing. After pressing tile grout, it will be up to 2mm. This will be the effect of filling up.



Pay attention to be grouting with uniform speed and ensure that grout can reach the ceramic tile gap evenly. In order to ensure that tile grout stay in the middle and top of the gap, In this way, when grout is pressed, all tile grout can be pressed into the gap. To achieve the full filling.



Full filling construction method, ceramic tile and tile grout looks will be on a horizontal line, the effect is beautiful. Gap from inside to outside by the tile grout fill full solid, also can keep tile grout for a long time. So full filling is recommended.