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Customized For Soft Light Ceramic Tile--- Epoxy Tile Joints Adhesive

Those of you who are in the tile grout business may find that, the soft light ceramic tile is more and more in demand.
Warm and elegant, delicate and comfortable visual experience, realistic natural texture, so that the soft light ceramic tile gradually become a high grade decoration pronoun.
For the tile grout industry that regards ceramic tile as subsidiary industry, also can have a product certainly to suit soft light brick.
Tile grout is too dazzling, the price of the epoxy resin colorful tile additive is high.
Its color and luster looks very natural.
It feels exquisite.
It's understated luxury.



Coring colorful epoxy tile grout  with imported toner has a natural color.
Matt tile grout feels exquisite, bring out the best in each other with soft light ceramic tile collocation together, steady, simple and unadorned.
This product uses double component package, easy to construct. And we are a China soft light ceramic tile grout supplier.
The product use the same package as the double component tile grout and is used in the same way as the sewing agent, which makes up for the disadvantages of cumbersome construction process and high construction cost of barreled epoxy resin colorful tile additive and greatly improves the construction efficiency.
Product texture is smooth, strong adhesive property, not easy to hang flow.
The product was developed by a team led by a PhD chemist from Australia.

The product is durable, firm, and immediately clean after polishing. It looks like a matte finish and has a wide range of uses.
After curing, the product has the same stability as real ceramics. At the same time, the product is wear resistant, easy to clean, can be cleaned with ceramic tile, waterproof, mildew proof. Ceramic tile joint does not change black.   The product has matte texture, excellent stability, can be widely used in the construction of archaize ceramic tile and matte ceramic tile.