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Polyurea - the best choice of tile grout

From cement-based sealant to water-based one-component acrylic acid, further to epoxy resin and polyurea tile grout, From the view of the development of tile grout, the quality is getting better and better, the cost of raw materials is getting higher and higher, and the technical level is also constantly improving. The products produced are constantly meeting the needs of consumers in terms of quality and using effect, and getting closer to consumers.



At present, the most popular one on the market is the epoxy resin tile grout. In fact, its usage and environmental protection performance have been widely recognized. However, the benzene ring structure in the epoxy molecule determines the yellowing performance, which indicates that the light colored tile grout will appear yellowing phenomenon after many years. Epoxy tile grout also has high requirements on the construction environment. It must be kept dry without contact with water, and it must be cured within 24 hours before the edge can be shoveled, which has delayed the construction progress at some times.



With the development of The Times, environmental protection performance is required increasing, however, polyurea tile grout is coming and solve all these problems, which has high environmental protection performance and not contain phenols, aldehydes and volatile amines. It is the real pronoun of environmental protection tile grout. In addition, the structure of polyurea tile grout determines its characteristics such as permanent resistance to turn yellow, aging resistance ,no cracking, fast curing speed, permanent balance between hardness and toughness, insensitivity to moisture and humidity, and heat resistance.



The appearance of polyurea tile grout bring revolutionary change in tile grout industry, and will be known and recognized by more people in the future. At present, there are only six domestic companies specializing in the production of polyurea tile grout, kelin with strong strength and professional level is to be one of them, the production of polyurea tile grout from us widely recognized by consumers. Welcome to contact us - Kelin China polyurea tile grout makeup adhesive wholesaler.