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Please pay attention! The tile grout will last for many years!

The tile grout to serve as one part in the new family adornment material, the owner is in the pursuit of beautiful while meeting also wants the tile grout and other adornment to maintain good condition. Although with the current tile grout technology, tile grout products can basically keep in good condition for a period of time.

1. Quality difference of raw materials

Although tile grout has been on the market for a long time, there is no unified market standard in the market, and there are still white tubes and labels in the market of tile grout products. This kind of product is not only the direction of purchase of raw materials is unclear, the tile grout products produced are also shoddy, if the owners do not understand it is very likely to buy this kind of product by mistake. And the raw material is not good tile grout product, may appear all sorts of quality problems. For example, bubbles, dry, fall off and other phenomena appear in the process of construction. Even if there seems to be no problem during the construction process, some quality problems such as mildew and fading will appear in the later use process. So the owner in the purchase of the tile grout products, to recognize the qualifications, buy the product with the better reputation, in regular channel, prevent to buy the stick brand product, damaged the life quality of owner in the future.



2. Difference in construction details

Although the threshold of tile grout construction is low, the difference between tile grout construction is very obvious. Because tile grout construction is a major detailed construction project, if you do not pay attention to these details, the effect after construction will be quite different, will also have a certain impact on the future service life.

Although the product is as hard as porcelain after curing, it is still fragile before curing. Therefore, during the period of tile grout construction, a more appropriate chemical reaction space should be given to tile grout products to let them pass through this fragile period. Before starting to clear the seams, the tile grout should first try to clear a gap to see whether the dust inside the gap is muddy or relatively wet. In the window, balcony, toilet ground this kind of more easy to touch the place that water needs to check the place also wants a few more. If there is a muddy or dust color than other cracks are deeper, there is also water vapor gap, can not be the tile grout. Additional, when clearing seam, besides the impurity in seam, ceramic tile both sides also can exist the impurity of partial. In order to make the ceramic tile clean, we need to clean the two sides of the ceramic tile seams once more, let impurity and ceramic tile edge depart, it is a cleaner aperture so, then the tile grout will not fall down. 



3. Future maintenance difference

No matter what kind of daily necessities and electronic products have a service life, the same is true for tile grout products. However, proper maintenance can make tile grout products last longer to a certain extent. So after the completion of tile grout construction, the owner should also listen to the tilers’ advice. Although the tile grout product is anti-stain and wear resistant, namely wipe namely clean, but proper cleanness is also necessary at regular intervals. No matter how easy it is to remove stains, they will become stubborn stains if not cleaned for a long time. In addition, when cleaning, also pay attention to try not to use strong acid strong alkali cleaner, also suggest that the owner do not use steel wire ball to scrub the tile grout. Tile grout products are still chemical products, after strong acid and alkali corrosion is likely to produce chemical reaction, which may be discoloration. Although the surface of the tile grout hard as porcelain, but also can not bear the force of steel wire friction, for the stain, we suggest the owner to use a wet rag or sponge to scrub.



Through the above simple explanation, I believe that the owner will also have some understanding of the tile grout, let the tile grout become a decoration window in the owner's home, let the tile grout serve for the owner's home longer and longer. For more details, please contact Kelin - China tile grout sealant for ceramic supplier.