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On Oct. 6, Jingdong Mall in Kelin Tile Grout opened to the public!

Golden October is the season of harvest, growth and sowing hope. In this beautiful season, it ushered in the 71th National Day.  Kelin Tile Grout wish you happy National Day!

This festival full of blessings and gratitude is also a big day for kelin people -- the grand opening of Jingdong official flagship store.



Mention to Kelin, you must think that his real meaning is the CLEAN, as we understand that the word is: clean. In addition, the more meaning for him is: real, insist, natural, give, conscience; After more than ten years’ continuous development and innovation, such a brand full of good meaning is determined to share the best and most environmentally friendly products with more people.

For this reason, Kelin has entered Jingdong platform. Kelin's online flagship store has patented beautiful seam products independently developed by Kelin for online use, as well as the whole series of products that Kelin has been highly praised by customers.



Kelin Tile Grout is the leading one-stop professional service platform of Kelin in China. It is affiliated to Shenyang Kelin New Materials Co., LTD, and is the first brand of Kelin Tile Grout products.

Kelin Tile Grout aims to create a fashionable and environmentally friendly home living environment for the public, and provides one-stop worry-free shopping experience for owners with high-quality and professional beauty seam construction as the core.