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Notice on tile grout in toilet

The room with more ceramic tiles is toilet, because of its special function, what should be considered is relatively more when doing tile grout. The biggest advantage of grouting in toilet is the mildew proof and water-proof property, The tile grout can also prevent bacterium to breed effectively, avoid the aperture black or dirty. So it is important to make tile grout in toilet, it is easy for cleaning too. But it is a bit difficulty when grouting in toilet , the space is lesser, close and damp, many Angles, construction is troublesome, metope needs construction too, the working load is big.



When grouting in toilet, what details should be noticed? China colorful tile joins makeup adhesive supplier is here to tell you.

It is to choose appropriate tile grout above all.

Toilet can keep normal dry and ventilated, so the oily tile grout is better for the waterproof and mildew proof effect.

If the bathroom is in the basement, always damp, poor ventilation, then polyurea tile grout is better.

If the dimension of the ceramic tile in toilet is small, if use two-component tile grout, the material waste is more, the construction quantity is bigger too, it is better to use colorful waterbrone epoxy adhesive, this kind of product is scraping construction, suit the ceramic tile of small dimensions, saving materials and better effect.



The space of the bathroom is small, Yin and Yang Angle is also more, construction needs more patience, you can choose a special Yin and Yang Angle tools, convenient pressure joints. MS super glue that is mouldproof and moisture-proof should be selected for the stool and door frame.



Do not use the toilet during the curing period, avoid contacting with water, keep it ventilation and dry, it is conducive to curing. After tile grout in toilet, the apparent effect is ceramic tile becomes neat namely, easy to clean, need not to worry about the aperture of the ceramic tiles can hide water to become moldy. In different area, choose suitable tile grout, it makes better effect and higher quality.