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New house decoration, encounter such a master to stop!

Friend who wants to do tile grout when he is decorating new house, so sb introduced a master, as acquaintances introduced, the technology should not be bad, agreed at that time. But never expect that the master in order to catch up with the construction period, he only waited for less than one day after laying ceramic tiles to do the tile grout, fortunately, the friend was at there, immediately stopped the master. He thought: this master is too unreliable! In fact, there are a lot of people do not know decoration, they would think that  the master started the tile grout construction immediately after laying ceramic tiles is in order to improve efficiency, but they do not know that there are many hidden dangers of doing so, if you want to do a good job of tile grout, you need to understand the following points:



1. Tile grout should be done after one week of tiling

If the tile grout is done immediately after ceramic tile is done, along with the moisture of the ceramic tile, the sealant is not easy to cure. After ceramic tile dried, the tile grout will bubble and deform, which affects the overall appearance. The correct way is to place the tile for about a week, wait until the tile is completely dry, and then start to do the tile grout.

2. Tile grout is to ensure a clean environment

Before grouting, the ceramic tile seams need to be cleaned, because there must be much dust, wood chips and other construction waste during decoration. these things exist in the ceramic tile seams, will affect the effect of the tile grout, so the tile seams need to be cleaned before the construction of tile grout.



3. Drain off the water before tile grout

Tile grout construction should keep water away. We must keep the ground and wall dry, especially in the kitchen and bathroom. Before the tile grout construction, we must drain off the water and ensure indoor ventilation. Fully dry before doing the tile grout.

4. Do not trample on ceramic tiles after completion

It will take some time to cure after finishing the tile grout, so avoid stepping on the tiles, which will lead to the deformation of the grouts.

These are some matters needed to pay attention for tile grout construction. Kelin epoxy grout manufacturer welcomes your contact.