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Polyurea Tile Grout---Emerging High-tech Product


What if the technician does not recommend that the balcony be made with white tile grout? What if you can't use tile grout outside? What if the rainy weather is not conducive to the construction? Are you still struggling with these problems?

Now, all of these troubles of the tile grout industry are not a problem! Kelin launch a new product - polyurea double component tile grout, the application of new materials polyurea, manufacturing products with military quality, for you to solve the problem of home decoration. 
So you have to ask, what is polyurea? We will take you to to become familiar with the China polyurea tile grout together, discuss this revolutionary and subversive high-tech product to the tile grout industry, let you redefine the tile grout.

What is polyurea?


Polyurea is an elastomeric substance produced by the reaction of an isocyanate component and an amino compound component. The main characteristics of polyurea are waterproof, mildew - proof, resistance to erosion. Polyurea technology is widely used in nuclear power plant protection, national defense and military industry. Because of its excellent resistance to yellower, the experiment shows that the service life of polyurea tile grout can be as long as 50 years, and there is no need to worry about the joint turning yellow and black after filling. 
Polyurea products are made of high quality and environmental friendly polyaspartic acid resin, thickener and environmental friendly pigments. It is covered in tiles, mosaics, stone, glass and other gaps to form a smooth, clean and ceramic like surface. The finished product has the permanent waterproof, mildew-proof, wear-resisting, wet-heat resistance and other advantages, brightens as soon as it is rubbed. Therefore, the problems such as yellowing, easy to dirty and black, difficult to clean, falling off, and the difficulty that carries on construction to ceramic tile gap under low temperature condition are completely solved, and the breeding of bacteria in the gap to endanger human health is avoided.
This product is rich in color, smooth in texture, hard and ductile, not discolored, not brittle. The product is made of first-class materials, fully in line with the indicators of GB18583-2008 and double certifications of EU SGS and CMA. It is green, non-toxic, free of halogens, heavy metals, benzene, phenols, formaldehyde and harmful gases. This is a high-tech indoor and outdoor tile product necessary for modern life. It is the preferred choice in terms of interior sealing, waterproofing and decoration.  

The product has strong yellow resistance and can stay white for 50 years.
The product has strong ability to resist UV ray, waterproof, anticorrosive, indoor and outdoor general purpose.
The product does not contain any volatile organic compounds, so the whole construction process is green, environmental protection, completely free of pollution.
The product is not sensitive to humidity and temperature, and is not affected by the environment during construction. It can dry quickly in only
2 hours.
The product does not contain catalyst, and can be sprayed on any curved surface, inclined surface and vertical surface. There will be no sagging phenomenon after the construction of the product. After construction, the gel can be finished in 5 seconds , and people can walk on it in 1 minute.



Matters needing attention in construction

The polyurea tile grout is different from the epoxy resin products in the past. The following points should be noted during
The construction:

Since the materials used by the customer and the construction environment may not be controllable, we suggest that before large-scale construction, a small area of color testing should be carried out first, and then a large number of products should be used after confirmation.