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Make your grout shine

Do you want your tile joints sparkle? The result is amazing.

About the color of tile grout on the market now there are mainly bright series and matte series. In general, for bright tile needs bright tile grout, matte tile and rustic tile needs matte tile grout. There are two ways to choose the color of the tile grout. One is approach method. It is best to choose the tile grout that is close to the color of the tile. The other is contrast method, making the grout color and tile color have a striking contrast.



Here let us look at some popular combinations of bright tile grout from Kelin bathroom tile and grout sealer supplier. If you like Bling Bling, take a look at:

1. Close color

Such as light yellow tile with dazzle bright gold tile grout, light brown tile with bronze tile grout, grey tile with dazzle silver tile grout. The collocation of tile grout has high degrees of fusion, through the close color to match can make your home realize the unified colors.



2. Contrast color

Such as black ceramic tile with amber gold tile grout, white ceramic tile with black tile grout, yellow ceramic tile with white tile grout. This kind of collocation is very bold, fully personality and more prominent lines. There is obvious sense of layering and three-dimensional, making the tile and grout a distinct contrast.