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Kelin Tile Grout appreciation banquet ended successfully !

Time flies, Kelin has been founded for 14 years unconsciously. Even to this day, we always want to express our gratitude. On Oct. 24, 2020, China two-component tile grout supplier-Shenyang Kelin New Materials Co., LTD. appreciation banquet starts warmly. Mr. Yu Zhiqiang, general manager of Shenyang Kelin New Materials Co., LTD., Mr. Qian Bing, Xiamen agent, with all colleagues in the industry in Shenyang gathered together to talk about a happy new course.



With the wonderful melody, the appreciation banquet began. Invited guests step into the scene one by one, signed their names and took photos to freeze the unforgettable moment.

At the event, The marketing director of Kelin New Materials Co., LTD.,  Mr Mark delivered a speech, Introduced the company's development, enterprise culture, market layout, problems encountered in the development of industry, and the future development of the situation in detail, thank all our colleagues' support and trust. Give out the hopeness of creating a New Year hand in hand to a new road at the same time.



Next, Mr. Yu Zhiqiang, general manager of Shenyang Kelin New Materials Co., LTD., made a speech.In the past 14 years, every step taken by the company was firm and powerful. The national market target has been completed one after another, and the happy territory has grown beautifully.More and more people join in the big family and become the companions of Kelin's happy life.Now, new products, such as Kelin epoxy joints adhesive, Kelin matte porcelain joint agent and MS glue, independently developed and produced by Kelin are on the market, and the sharing platform of Beauty joint construction independently created by Kelin will be put online soon. It will be distributed throughout the country, opening the "Kelin Era" of better life for more people who pursue a quality life.



In the following time, the agent of Shenyang Kelin New Material Co., Ltd. Of Shenyang station sincerely shared the cooperation with Kelin, and thanked Kelin for the good policy platform.

During the banquet, it is also a rare opportunity to get together. Old friends discuss harvest and joy, new friends get to know each other better and better.

At the end of the banquet, we had the experience of new products, and everyone was eager to participate in the experience to feel and learn the changes brought by the new technology innovation.



In 2018, Kelin Tile Grout was selected as one of China's top ten Brands in the national top ten brand promotion and research activities. In the national environmental protection product supervision activity, after the examination and approval, it was selected into the "China Green Environmental Protection Product". At present, there are more than 200 Kelin China organizations in the country, which have provided environmental protection tile grout construction for more than 200,000 families, and have served vanke, Poly, Gemdale, China Resources, Country Garden and other hardcover real estate. For different families, public places, we provide one-stop environmental protection tile grout solutions, and has a first-class construction team, perfect service system. Providing customers with better products, services, supporting facilities, ingenuity is our aim in the next ten years. Kelin will create a home furnishing tile grout industry for the admiration of the legend...