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It is very important to choose the right color of tile grout

There are always people asking, is there any effect that the tile grout color to  the decoration style? Of course, although the tile grout feeling isn’t so obvious, after decoration you will find, it can not only enhance the interior decoration effect, but also improve the quality of the whole decoration.

Different decoration styles should choose different colors of tile grout, just like the choice of furniture, to match with the overall interior style. Now more popular simple style, so in the choice of ceramic tiles will also be biased to light color, then it is recommended to choose light color of the tile grout, such as: matt white, shallow gold, silver moonlight. These colors look clean and fresh and elegant. Also can choose contrast strong brunet, highlight three-dimensional feeling and spatial feeling thereby.



If you like European style retro decoration style, it mainly highlights the luxury, expensive feeling. The tile grout suggested to choose more textural colors, such as sub-gloss black, moonlight silver, dazzle bright color, these several colors gorgeous billowing, but not flashy.



Pastoral style is pursuiting natural scenery, quiet warmth, close to nature, ceramic tile selection is mostly based on solid wood texture imitation wood tile, imitation wood tile can choose close to the tile or natural color, champagne gold, ivory color can be.

A few young people pursue individual character, like to mix, ceramic tile collocation is relatively optional, without specific ceramic tile color, can refer to the collocation method above. Of course, you can also choose neutral colors like white, silver or gold.

The above is some common decoration style and color matching skills, Kelin construction building glue manufacturer produced tile grout rich in color, a complete variety, to meet all your needs.