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Is winter a good time for grouting?

In winter, the temperature is low, will also increase the construction difficulty of the grouting, and often appear some problems, so what problems will occur and how to avoid it?

1. Colloid thick

In winter, when the temperature is low, the fluidity of the tile grout will become low and it will look very thick. This will result in a difficult situation. If the glue gun is used too hard, it is not only difficult to control the flow rate, but also easy to cause damage to the glue gun. Therefore, in winter, we can heat the tile grout properly. Soak in 60° warm water for 10-20 minutes before taking out for construction.



2. The temperature is too low

It is easy to be affected by air temperature, too low temperature is not conducive to curing. The best construction temperature is between 5℃ and 35℃. Therefore, it is recommended to use floor heating and air conditioning to change the air temperature of the construction environment before the construction, removing the moisture and humidity in the room, and wait until the indoor completely dry temperature can reach the normal construction. And the temperature is too low, the tile grout division in the construction will also be due to hand stiffness, affect the construction method, thus affecting the final effect.



3. Long curing time

Due to the low temperature in winter, it is not easy to scuring after grouting. In some places, the weather is damp and cold, with high humidity in the air, may lead to a long time not curing. Therefore, it is suggested to improve the temperature of the construction environment before construction, you can open the air conditioning or turn on the floor heating.



These are some of the situations that may occur during winter construction. If you want to grout in winter, you must choose the right weather. China tile grout market factory reminds you that temperature has a great influence on tile grout. Be prepared!