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Is tile grouting under the cabinet?

When you decorates new house, ceramic tiles have been already done, part cabinet also already installed, it is not convenient to grout for cabinet, can we not do it?

Of course not, because under the cabinet ,ceramic tile also has a gap, if the other areas of ceramic tile gaps are done, but cabinet, there will be a partition. The part that does not make tile grout, when you mop the floor, dirty water will flow into the gap, even places used by original filler also will turn black and ageing, which will cause hidden trouble to indoor sanitation and health. Another important reason, when you want to change furniture to be a new style ,the place that do not tile grout will be exposed. If do tile grout then ,it is difficult to keep the same color with other places ,also juncture is difficult to deal with, the house is easy to become dirty ,dust can also easily fall on furniture and hard to clean. Since you want to do the tile grout, I suggest that do the tile grout for all places.



Hereby, let China grout supplier tell you when is appropriate time to make tile grouts to avoid everything happened.

1. Must keep tiles totally dry.

You can't do tile grout immediately after tilling, because the bottom of ceramic tile is still very wet, if do it immediately , not only it will affect the effect ,but also it can appear bubble and fall off, so you must make all ceramic tiles dried.



2. Must grout before cabinets installed

In order to facilitate construction, and let all ceramic tile can do tile grout, must be done before installing cabinet, do tile grout before moving into furniture, can assure to open construction space ,do not affect the effect of tile grout.



3. Must after painting the walls

It will produce all sorts of rubbish and dusty when you paint the walls or put up wallpaper, If they fall down the gaps ,it is difficult to deal with. So ,tile grouting after decorated can save a lot of cleaning trouble.