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Is it necessary to decorate tile grout?

Now almost every decoration will consider doing the tile grout, although a lot of people say it is not necessary, all are paying IQ tax. In fact, it is very necessary to do tile grout. The ceramic tile that construction now should reserve aperture, to prevent thermal expansion cold contraction from causing ceramic tile bulge or craze. That reserved gap, has become a headache for everyone. In the past, caulking products often appear mildewy and black, breaking off and other phenomena. Today, I'm going to share those things with you in detail.



1. Selection of grout materials

From white cement→sewing agent→waterborne epoxy adhesive→epoxy tile grout, all the way over the evolution of the grout materials, shows that the grout materials are more and more advanced, you worry about the mildewy black situation will not appear, if it appears, may be you did not choose the right grout materials. At present, the most popular grout materials on the market are sewing agent, tile grout and waterborne epoxy adhesive. In particular, the tile grout produced by the Kelin ceramic tile grout supplier can be waterproof, mildewproof, scrubbing resistant, colorful, anti-fouling good, and there are bright, soft, matte different texture for you to choose.



2. Color selection of tile grout

The color of tile gorut is many, many people will tangle the color choice of tile grout. In fact, when choosing, you can choose according to the following three principles, basically the chance of making mistakes is much less.

b. Try to choose the same color scheme

Select the tile grout with the same color of tiles is not easy to make mistakes.

b. Try to choose neutral colors

Black, white, gray these three kinds of neutral colors can be chosen, more versatile, suitable for a variety of styles.

c. Contrast color

If you want to shine, eye-catching, ceramic tiles more three-dimensional. Can consider to choose strong contrast color. Light colored tiles choose dark tile grout, dark colored tiles choose light colored tiles grout. Collocation of shades can also have a different effect.



3. Do tile grout first or load cabinet first?

A good time to do tile grout: it is recommended to do tile grout in about a week after the end of the tile construction, this time to do because the cement is dry. Check whether the ceramic tile is stuck wrong or damaged, and then clean up the gap, clean up again with a professional vacuum cleaner to do the tile grout. If it is not special, it is recommended to install the cabinet after tile grout. If the cabinet is installed first, it will affect the construction of the tile grout next to the cabinet, which is easy to be done badly.