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In this era, choice is really more important than effort!

Overlook the "rich man" at home and abroad, we can see that not all of them are the second generation of rich people. Many ordinary people can also become the "rich man", and the reason of their success is almost that they seize the opportunity and make the right choice.


What are the opportunity in 2020 and 2021? A low-entry, high-yield career will definitely come out on top.


Decoration industry is popular all the year round, but because of the high threshold of the construction industry, the capital demand is large, so that many people are discouraged. However, building materials distribution entry capital is relatively small, the operation is more flexible, is everyone's best choice.



Industries are so many, why does everybody choose building materials product to distribute?


The reason is very simple - building materials are always rigid need in home decoration !


But not all building materials products are suitable for new sales, should choose small cost, good prospects of products, such as sealant, sealant as a new product in recent years, once published become popular, now it is a hot product for interior decoration. This also shows that there is an absolute advantage in the distribution of tile grout!



Kelin tile grout, recruit distributors!

No threshold, high revenue, big brand,

Abundant resource support, full after-sales service

Let you easily earn money


Since Kelin tile grout recruited distributors, more than 200 distributors across the country have successful joined us, and the sales are also increasing.



Do distribution, why choose to Kelin tile grout?


High brand awareness, large scale of the company

Kelin tile grout, specializing in manufacturing tile grout products for 14 years, the products are produced and developed by own factories, has become the first domestic manufacturing enterprises ,including research and development, production, sales, construction, after-sales .The annual output value is nearly 100 million yuan.

The company's business philosophy and service attitude is well received by consumers.


The product quality is high and the effect is good

As a distributor, the most important thing is to carefully recommend professional and effective things to consumers. Although there are thousands of tile grout brands, quality and effect are the most important for consumers. Kelin tile grout use imported raw materials, product quality is guaranteed. Rich in color, suitable for all kinds of ceramic tile, Mosaic stone and other gap filling beautification.



Professional training, worry-free sales

To become Kelin distributor, you can also share the brand LOGO and VI image of the headquarters. The headquarters will also provide strategic operation and senior home marketing training. According to the specific situation, professional management, construction technology, sales skills and other knowledge training will be provided.


We would like to work with you to deliver to more families and create a warm indoor environment for more people! Come and join us as a distributor of Kelin epoxy grout manufacturer!