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How to use the mixing nozzle, how to choose?

The mixing nozzle should be used in the construction of two-component tile grout to make the AB component materials evenly mixed together to achieve the ideal effect. So how to choose and use the mixing mouth?

Under the pressure of the glue gun, the helix tube mixing nozzle can make the AB component products premix fully in the mixing nozzle, and finally the extruded tile grout is uniform, achieving the ideal curing effect. It's very important for the tile grout.



There is a small hole in front of the mixing mouth, some people feel that their own construction ceramic tile gap is small, can just directly screw on the construction, but it is wrong. The mixing nozzle at the front of the mixing nozzle is too small, most of the popular tile grout now have glittering sequins, this little flow pressure space, it is easy to cause the curing agent side to glue more, the side with color glue slow, reach 1:1 complete mixing. So must strictly in accordance with the requirements of the construction specifications, before using to cut a 45° Angle with wallpaper knife, the size of the incision according to the size of the gap decided, but not too small, squeezing out the front segment is not completely mixed with the glue, must carefully observe, to ensure that the glue out evenly, in order to achieve the best effect of the tile grout.



When choosing the mixed mouth, you should also pay attention to choose and buy the high-quality mixed mouth, otherwise, no matter how good the tile grout, cannot achieve good curing effect. So how do you pick? First look at the quality of the hose, the high quality of the mixed nozzle hose straight, transparent and clean, environmentally friendly materials without peculiar smell. High thread tightness, clear lines, no leakage of sealing glue.



Now you know how to choose the mixed mouth. China porcelain glue supplier, contact us to tell you more about us.