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How to tile grouting old tiles

When the old house was renovated, some owners’ tiles were still intact and there was no need to replace them with new ones, but they felt that the gaps were dirty and unsightly, then you can choose to make tile grout at this time. The only precondition for tile grout is that there must be a gap of more than 2mm for the old tiles to making tile grout.

If you encounter a situation where the gap is relatively narrow, it is recommended to use a slitting machine to open the slit first, and then perform the steps of cleaning, waxing, and beating. The tile grouting of old ceramic tiles is different from new ceramic tiles. The Kelin flexible grout additive supplier reminds you that you must pay special attention to the following points:

1. The gap is too dirty

The difference between old tiles and new tiles is that the old tiles have been used for a longer time, and a lot of dust and oil stains have accumulated in the gaps. If you want to making tile grout, you must carefully clean the gaps between the tiles. Moreover, some ceramic tiles have gaps of different sizes and are filled with cement. You need to use a professional grinder to clear the cement in the gaps and clear out a lot of width.



2. The surface of the ceramic tile is worn out

After many years of use, the surface of old tiles is very worn out, and some of the ceramic tiles are even scratched badly. For old tiles like this, even if they have a smooth surface, they should be covered with textured paper or wax when making tile grout to prevent tile grout from sticking to the tiles and not being cleaned off.



3. The bottom of the tile is wet

Tiles have been used for many years, natural and man-made, will cause the bottom of the tiles to be wet. The gaps between the tiles must be kept dry before making tile grout. If you want to know if your tile gap is wet, you can put a paper towel in the gap and wait 24 hours before picking it out. If the paper towel is a bit soft, it means that the gap is wet and you need to dry the gap before making tile grout. If there is no change, the gap is not wet and construction can be carried out.



4. Whether the tiles are loose

The ceramic tile has been used for too long, the grout at the bottom shrinks obviously, and it is normal for the ceramic tile to appear hollow and loose. In this case, you must not directly make tile grout. Because it will affect the curing effect and adhesion of tile grout. The loose tiles must be fixed again before they can be done again, so that the effect is the best.

As long as you pay attention to the above problems, choose high-quality tile grout and match the colors, the old tiles can also make good results.