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How to solve unpleasant odor of ceramic tile?

Sometimes you will feel unpleasant odor of ceramic tile at home, especially after dragging the ground, even more bigger, just like fishy smell, why does ceramic tile send out this kind of odor?



1. Ceramic tile quality problem

Unpleasant odor have something to do with the quality of ceramic tile, some inferior ceramic tile used unqualified raw material, so that brick embryo is not enough dense so, when it encounter water, it will breed bacterium very easily and send out fishy odor.



2. Mop problem

After moping the ground, unpleasant odor will be tasted. As when mop is used, mop is still in damp environment for a long time without being dried in the sun. It is easy to breed bacterium, then ,you will smell unpleasant odor.

3. Tile gaps problem

Ceramic tile gap has been to be ignored easily all the time, after tiling, somebody fill the gap directly with white cement, even nothing at all. Because the waterproofing property of white cement is poor, it is easy to grow mildew and send out unpleasant odor. Unfilled will be even worse, as dirty things can fall into the gaps and bacteria can be breed. Mopping can also sweep the gaps, which can also give off an unpleasant odor.




After knowing the above three points, the problem will be readily solved. First of all, select high-quality ceramic tile during decoration, wash the mop and dry it after mopping the floor. The most important thing is to deal with the ceramic tile gap well. Kelin grout booster supplier of tile grout, which can effectively block bacteria, and is easy to clean.



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