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How to solve the problem of pipe explosion, thin material and refluxing after heating?

Temperature and climate’s change will make it difficult to do the tile grout in winter, especially in the north. Some people even break glue guns directly! This is definitely a challenge for the tile grout division.

One of the most common solutions is to soak it in hot water. But with that came new problems - leaks, pipe bursts, thin material, backflow, and so on.



So can it not soak casually? After bubbling makings appear a pile of problems, how to solve again?

We all know that tile grout products are made of epoxy resin material and curing agent. In winter, the temperature is low, especially in the northern region. At the low temperature, curing agent and resin viscosity is very high, resulting in A, B tube material consistency increased. Being affected by thermal expansion and contraction, the bottom piston resistance increased, so it is difficult to make the material.



However, when the hot water bubbles, the material is easy to beat. But the epoxy resin is very sensitive to temperature, and the sudden heating will result in the unstable performance of the epoxy resin. The longer the bubble time is, the more unstable it will be, resulting in reflux phenomenon, particle impurities and other problems.

For these problems, we give the following Suggestions:

1.The water of bubbling material should not overheat, generally around 60 degrees, different products should be adjusted appropriately.

2.The soaking time should not be too long, generally 10-15 minutes when in the warm water. Specific bubble time can consult the tile grout manufacturers.

3.Remember to soak in the whole bottle, it is not allowed to bubble only in the one side, resulting in uneven heating. And it may also appear the problems of grain texture, irregular color and so on.

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