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How to pick grout color?

Before decoration, we must first determine our own decoration style, and then choose the appropriate ceramic tile. The color of the ceramic tile joint is also very important. If we do not choose the suitable color, it is easy to cause the disorder of the ground style. So how to choose a right color for tile grout?

1. You can choose contrast color. White tiles can choose pearl black, rock black or other dark tile grout, so as to form a contrast, and also make some three-dimensional sense; it is not easy to black and dirty, no need to clean, the combination of black and white is also very matched.



2. There are a variety of colors of tile grout, matching white ceramic tiles, and you can also choose gold, silver, metal gray and other low-key luxury colors of tile grout, so that the effect of use has a high level. 

3. Bright color tiles as far as possible to choose the "near color distribution", if the tile is the color of rhubarb or green, then the tile grout can choose the color near the tile and the tile. This bright color will give a kind of dazzling feeling.



4. Pale ceramic tile as far as possible to choose the "same color distribution", if it is light white ceramic tile, perhaps a little lighter color, as far as possible to choose the same color and tile grout. Method of allocation of this kind of color can make the floor looks more harmonic, won't produce too big conflict.

The above are some suggestions from Kelin tile grout manufacturer for matching techniques. We have three types of colors for you to choose: matte, bright and soft. We will also recommend color matching for your home decoration style.