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How to maintain the tile grout

Often, there are owners asking how long is the service life of the tile grout? Normally speaking, tile grout service life is the same with ceramic tile’s. However, if the construction operation is improper, or use poor quality tile grout, when under the adverse circumstances, the life of the tile grout will be greatly reduced. If you do not take good maintenance measures, then the service life of the tile grout may be only three to five years or even less. So, purchasing the tile grout that produced by regular manufacturer to and achieve good maintenance, the life of the tile grout is to be able to be same as ceramic tile completely. The following Kelin grout manufacturer take you to have a look.

Different space has different method to maintain due to the different humidity, pollution type. Everyone knows the necessity and benefits of grouting in the toilet, although the tile grout can be waterproof, if often washed by the bath water, soap water, disinfectant and other immersion. These liquids have a certain irritation, will also have a certain harm to the tile grout. So, everybody should notice, after using toilet, apply clear water to wash ceramic tile surface clean, wipe dry, open door window, in time ventilated, keep the dry inside the space. This will not only protect the gaps, but also the tiles and interior decorations.



The kitchen often produces kitchen waste, detergent water, oil, etc., if the tile grout for a long time in the oil, detergent water, or the temperature is too high, will also be damaged, a little light is yellowing, a little heavy may fall off mildew, etc. To avoid this kind of damage, suggest everybody is regular with special wash fluid drag kitchen floor tile, assure to want to rinse clean with clear water finally. Grease more, more easy to accumulate the place, it is recommended to wipe in time, or once a week clean. To avoid thick accumulation, it is difficult to clean stubborn stains from the tile.



Like the bedroom and living room, due to the environment relatively dry, regular cleaning and maintenance can be. But if you are not careful to have spilled tea stains and other stubborn stains, to remember to clean up in time. If the air is too dry, proper use of humidifying equipment is not only good for tile, sewing and household, but also good for personal health and skin.

All above is maintenance method in different environment, do you understand?