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How to distinguish the quality of tile grout

Now there are a variety of tile grout on the market, some are well-known brands, but the price is high, some are just workshops, However, quality is depends on the price? We are a professional China flexible mutton fat jade tile grout supplier with 14 years of experience, Let's take you to learn how to distinguish the quality.

Firstly, to see whether it is environmentally friendly, to see whether it contains harmful ingredients, epoxy resins are also good or bad, the high quality epoxy resin is non-toxic and non-pollution, no obvious stimulation to living things, poor quality epoxy, not only pollute the environment, but also irritate to the skin and eyes, even cause to burn.



Next, to see what solvent it is, organic solvent or inorganic. Water-based inorganic solvents are the most environmentally friendly. If it is an organic solvent, we should pay more attention to the content, because most of the toxic and harmful chemical raw materials are dissolved in organic solvents. Also pay attention to which organic solvents are selected for the product, inferior organic solvent is poisonous and harmful, also have stimulated effect to human body. Such as dizziness, rapid heartbeat, loss of appetite, limb numbness, sensory loss, tingling, limb weakness, muscle atrophy and other symptoms.



Last, to see how is curing agent. The most common curing agents are nonylphenol, formaldehyde and 1.3BAC. Since the cost of 1.3BAC is dozens of times than formaldehyde and nonylphenol, most merchants will use formaldehyde and nonylphenol as the main raw materials. The World Health Organization has identified nonylphenol as a sperm killer, which causes infertility, and formaldehyde. Formaldehyde is also a kind of carcinogen.



Kelin tile grout, using imported raw materials, formaldehyde and benzene, fen harmful substances, non-toxic, non-pollution. Addition amount of 1.3 BAC material is 17%-28%, which not only fully guarantees the safety of the product, but also guarantees the stability of its performance. The product is enriched with oxygen ions, which can remove formaldehyde and purify the air.



To create a green home is the eternal pursuit of Kelin company.