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How to clean grout on floor tiles

Ceramic tile has always been an important role in decoration. No matter what your style is, will all use ceramic tile. Most houses use traditional sewing agent, white cement or upgraded sewing agent to fill the joints of tile, mosaic, or marble. But now, more and more people use colorful epoxy tile grout to fill joints. The combination of tile and grout, greatly shows home decoration and improves home level. Then how to clean the tile grout?

1. Sealing materials of sewing agent:

a. Routine cleaning, use detergent, washing powder and other decontamination products, brush with detergent, then you can remove the surface stains.

b. Oil stains, or blackened, can use chlorine, alkali and other powerful cleaning tools, after cleaning the ceramic tile, and then brushing and besmearing the bleach water or alkaline solution, after standing 3-5 minutes, and then use cleaning agent scrub to clean.

c. Yellowing, or the gap becomes black, cannot be normally cleaned, can use chlorinated bleach water, or professional whitening agent to clean the ceramic tile, and then standing for 3-5 minutes in the bleach, and then use cleaning agent scrub to clean. 




2. Although tile grout is waterproof, it is not appropriate to soak it in the water for a long time. If you grout in the bathroom, you must timely clean up the water on the ground after bathing, and open the window to remove the water mist on the wall for ventilation.The surface of the gaps is stained with oil stains and other stains, such as the attack of the kitchen from oil stains all the year round. In this case, wet rag and paper towel can be used to clean them immediately. If the oil is not cleaned up in time, there is a certain amount of time, you can use a neutral detergent to gently wipe. Try not to use steel wire ball or strong acid, alkali cleaning agent to wipe, which will make the surface of the tile grout wear, affecting the color and luster of tile grout.



In addition, the grout can be cleaned with the ceramic tile. Isn’t very convenient?

The appearance of tile grout totally replace old sewing agent, not only because it is colorful but also it is cleaning, environmental, easy to clean, saving much time on cleaning. Kelin epoxy grout manufacturer looks forward to your consult, welcome to contact us to learn more about the details of the tile grout.