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How to choose the right tile grout

People always buy a few so called on the net "fine and inexpensive" tile grout by holding lucky psychology, covetous cheap to chose the tile grout construction team with lower price for the construction. Results after grouting, looked back and found that there were many joints, uneven joints, dust on the surface or edge, uneven color, non-solidification, trachoma, bubbling, missing and many other problems. So how should we choose the right tile grout?



1. The quality of the tile grout

Nowadays, due to the uneven quality of the products, there are more problems in the later period, such as falling off, collapsing, moldy and blackening, discoloration and so on. The cost of repair is also very high, often higher than the price of directly looking for high-end tile grout products and professional construction teams. Therefore, the construction of tile grout must choose high-quality tile grout, the pros and cons of raw materials will greatly affect the effect of tile grout, the cost of high-quality raw materials will be relatively high, the cost of nature will be a little higher. After all, it makes sense that you get what you pay for. For example, flexible grout additive manufacturer Kelin tile grout, preferably imported raw materials, to ensure the maximum quality and stability of the product.



2. The environmental protection of tile grout

Some cheap products on the market use inferior raw materials, and these inferior tile grout add a large number of harmful substances, which will seriously harm the health of owners and construction personnel in the later use process. For example, formaldehyde and aminophenol, which are strictly controlled and prohibited by the United Nations Health Organization, can cause great harm to the body.



3. The color matching of the tile grout

There are different types and colors of tiles, the combination of the tile grouts color is also varied. According to the interior decoration style to choose the color with it, or you can listen to the tile grout division or the tile grout sales advice.



4. Tile grout construction team to be professional

Don't look for guerrillas on the cheap. Some grouting guerrilla construction is not professional, the effect of their work is not good, it would be hard to find people for the later maintenance, no after-sales service guarantee.



So before you choose to do the tile grout, we suggest that you refer to the above points, I hope that our professional can help you understand more about the joint knowledge, prevent the pit!