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How to check and accept tile grout construction

As to the emerging industry, many people do not know how to check and accept it after they finish it, which leads to many problems of tile grout that they do not know how to solve.

First of all, we must select the tile grout product and tiler when making the tile grout carefully, because this directly determines the effect of the tle grout after construction. A professional tiler will understand the situation of the construction site with the owner before construction, determine whether it is suitable for construction, and inform the owner of the relevant matters and matters for attention before the tile grout.



A good product is also the top priority of tile grout, otherwise it is helpless even if professional tiler encounters inferior tile grout. Tile grout must choose big brand and good reputation products, not only can get guarantee on quality, also can solve the subsequent problems in time, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of you, ceramic tile grout supplier-Kelin production of the tile grout, as for materials, promised a lifetime warranty for the consumer, let consumer buy it freely.



Grasp these two points, plus the eligible construction condition, then you will get an amazing grouting effect.

The acceptance concerns are as follows:

1. Look at the whole place, there is no missing glue, missing edge.



2. Look at the details, as a tile grout there is no flaw, including impurities, color difference, degumming, bubbles, whitening or skin curing and other issues.

3. See the cross mouth, whether flat, in the gap look like a whole.



4. Look at the stitches, if there are any contacts, it is normal to have 3-4 contacts in a seam, if there are more than 4 or at most a dozen contacts, it is not normal.

5. Empty bottle. Normally, if the owner is not at the construction site during the construction, the tiler should leave the empty bottle after use at the site. The owner can find out the number and type of stitches by looking at the empty bottles of the product. If the quantity is inconsistent with the actual construction needs of the product, it indicates that the problem of cutting corners may exist. If the type does not match, the charge does not match the actual material.

If the construction, it is better for the owner to have a look at the site, through the dress of the tiler, the use of tools can see a tiler of professional accomplishment and professional degree. When the regular tiler comes to service, it is required to wear tooling and take professional tools to put the tools neatly. After the construction, the site should be cleaned up, doors and Windows should be closed, and the power supply should be checked before leaving. Do not throw cigarette butts, drink bottles and other rubbish at the scene.



If you do not appear in the acceptance of the above problems, then congratulations to you, your home is very successful in the tile grout! Kelin, we hope that through every bit of our efforts, you can reduce a little decoration trouble.