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How to calculate the tile grout price?

Now, there are more and more people uses tile grout when they are decorating house, what people CARES most is the charge standard of tile grout, how to calculate the charge after all?

There are two kinds of construction quotation for tile grout:

1.The construction price is calculated based on the construction area (square meter)

2.Calculate construction price by the length of ceramic tile seam

These two forms, calculate according to actual situation, see which one suits you better.



The actual construction of tile grout can be divided into three forms:

1.Free kit materials, it is material and construction all provide by one

2.The tile grout shall be purchased by the owner and then handed over to the construction party for construction

3.The owner buys the product and constructs it himself



These three construction methods can be chosen by you freely, however, it is generally recommended not to choose the third method if you have not been exposed to tile grout construction. Although individual construction can save costs, due to the high hardness of tile grout, if the surface cannot be smooth after construction, it will be difficult and costly to re-construct if it is to be removed later. And the cost of construction is not too high, a labor and forever, but looking for the tile grout division must choose a professional construction team, so as to the construction quality and the use of the tile grout can be guaranteed.



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