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How to avoid discoloration of tile grout?

Many people choose light-colored tile grout in their homes, but they are worried that the color will be changed after a long time. Today, China sealant for ceramic factory shows you how to avoid the color changed.



1.Must learn tile grout , tile grout is also divided into a lot of categories, such as one-component tile grout, two-component tile grout, barreled waterborne epoxy colored tile grout, polyurea tile grout, and so on. Different products have their own advantages and disadvantages, also be applicable to different construction sites.

2.You can tell the sales about the construction site, sunshine intensity, EIA temperature, humidity and so on. they will give you appropriate suggestions according to your needs.



3.When you select tile grout, qualified products should be chosen. The period of color change of tile grout depends on the quality of raw materials and whether the selection of products is appropriate. High quality tile grout has the characteristics of full color, small color difference, high transparency of epoxy resin, and only a little unique smell of epoxy resin when opened. Therefore, it is important to choose a big brand tile grout.



4.Pay attention to the construction environment, must carefully clear the ceramic tile gap before construction, and keep the gap and indoor dry, avoid contact with water during the construction process, the filling of tile grout should be as full as possible, to avoid air mixed with tile grout, resulting in bubbles, swelling, discoloration and other conditions.



 The light-colored tile grout are really quite distressing, but as long as you choose the right product, use the right place, standard construction, you can avoid the problem of discoloration of the tile grout. Kelin is a professional tile grout manufacturer, we have our own construction team and perfect after-sales system, choose us, help you solve all the tile grout problems!