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How should I do when tile grout isn't be run out ?

When your tile grout can't be used up, it is waste to throw it away. If you don't throw it away, you are afraid that you won't use it, So what should we do?

Epoxy tile grout has stable performance, the unsealed should be stored in a cool and dry place on order to protect against direct sunlight, clean the bottle mouth and put the cap on the bottle to prevent from exposure to the air. And make sure that Part A and Part B are in right place before you cover the lid. Cap A is put into pipe A, Cap B is put into pipe B. If you mix it up, it will be curing when part A meet part B.



Although it can be stored, it is not permanent. Recommended that you use it up within a week after it is opened. It has strong adhesion, waterproof and mildew proof, smooth surface and easy to clean, so the application is widely used in sitting room, bedroom, toilet, bathroom, lavatory, kitchen, balcony, the edge position such as the wall ,ground, baseboard of swimming pool.



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