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How long does grout take to cure

Nowadays, the tile grout is widely popular on the market. There are indeed many kinds of tile grout but with uneven quality. Today we will discuss the curing time of ceramic tile grout. How long does it take?

Ceramic tile grout is composed of high-tech new polymer and high-grade pigments. Different from white cement and colorful caulking agent (dry powder cement material + low-grade pigments), it is mainly composed of inorganic materials. Ceramic tile grout is a kind of high-grade products for crevice decoration. It is suitable for the beautification of joints such as ceramic tiles, mosaics and stone, and the decoration of internal corner and external corner in the kitchen, bathroom.



The surface of epoxy tile grout produced by Kelin tile grout supplier is as smooth as porcelain after curing, high strength and wear resistance and excellent self-cleaning property. It can be scrubbed together with ceramic tiles, which is not easy to hide dirt, also can avoid mold breeding in cracks and harm for human health. And has the function of waterproof, moisture proof and impermeable, so that the tile joint will never be dirty and black. It is colorful, natural and exquisite with burnish, won't fade, bringing better integral effect to wall and ground. The most important is environmental, non-toxic and easy to operate.



Generally, you can clean the edge after construction in 4-5 hours after curing, curing after 12 hours, and thoroughly curing 24 hours, normal use after 48 hours. It should be noted that it must keep indoor dry and clean during curing, otherwise it will affect the curing time and final effect.