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How do you apply grout sealer?

Now tile grout is an essential step in the laying of walls and floor tiles. The most popular caulking product is two-component epoxy tile grout, but there are still many people who haven't used it and don't know how to handle it. Next, Kelin flexible grout additive supplier will explain to you the specific methods of its use.

First of all, before construction, we must clean up the construction site, especially the ceramic tile gap must use professional tools to thoroughly clean up, to ensure that the construction environment and the ceramic tile gap are dry. Then you can paste the masking tape or wax on both sides of the gap, install the glue gun on the tile grout, screw the glue nozzle, evenly push the tile grout along the gap of the ceramic tile, and then use the pressing tool to flatten the sealant. If the masking tape is pasted, it can be torn off. If it is glazing brick, can be directly constructed. If it is glazing brick, can be directly constructed. If it is antique brick, you need to use the grout wax first, and then in 4-5 hours after the tile grout surface curing with the shovel knife to remove the remaining material. Wait until 48 hours can be used normally. Is it simple and convenient.



In the tile grout construction, we should try to choose a sunny day with appropriate temperature, keep the room dry, the construction order is first horizontal and then vertical, generally in the construction of about one meter need to stop for joint pressing treatment. It should also be noted that if the use of masking tape construction, do not wait until dry and then tear off the masking tape, because it is not only difficult to tear, but also may pull out the good tile grout together, thus affecting the construction effect.



The construction of the tile grout is simple, its use effect and practicality have brought a lot of convenience to people, we do not need to worry about the daily cleaning of ceramic tile cracks, nor do we need to maintain regularly. The high quality tile grout is healthy and environmentally friendly, and the decorative effect is strong. It can virtually improve the grade of the whole interior decoration, and is necessary in home decoration.