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How big the gaps need to be left when grouting

Ceramic tile is the first choice for many families decoration, because ceramic tile itself contains many aspects. So in the process of arrangement, if it is not careful, must cause a lot of problems, of course recently, many people has introduced some solution. So for this, we should also have some basic knowledge, so what size ceramic tile gap to leave? The gap specification that different ceramic tile type leaves is also different. Today, with 14 years’ experience in tile grout industry, we will discuss the size of the gap with you.




1. How big should the ceramic tile gap remain

When normal shop sticks ceramic tile, brick gaps can leave 1-2 millimeter commonly , bricklayer the commonly leaves gap width is 1 millimeter, 1.5 millimeter and 2 millimeter.

2. General glazing brick gap to stay how big

General family uses the gap for leaving 2 ~ 3mm, such neither wastes material, concise and beautiful . Generally, the reserved gap width is 2.0mm, 2.5m and 3.0mm.



3. Archaize brick gap should stay how big

Archaize brick as a result of heat bilge cold shrink rate is different, so the gap that and obligate is bigger, normally obligate is in 5 ~ 10mm, other brick is planted commonly with 3-10mm had better.



4. The gap of the balcony, metope, hutch defends should stay how big

Leave gap is in order to prevent heat to rise cold shrink, gap is too small, will bring about ceramic tile to the strain ability of the environment to become poor, as a result of the change of temperature, it can make ceramic tile squeezed break, reduce the normal service life of ceramic tile. The gap of the balcony suggests obligate the gap above 2mm. Metope, hutch defends the size that leaves gap to should be in generally speaking 1 to 1.5 millimeter.



Of course, size of ceramic tile aperture does not have unified standard, specific but the element such as design style and layout decides synthetically according to the building. As long as the material is not wasted and briefly beautiful. If you have any questions about tile grout or ceramic tile, please contact us-Kelin China flexible gloss tile grout supplier. We will be the most professional, the most patient, the most efficient one to help you solve the problem.