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Higher cost performance tile grout

How to grout is more cost-effective? It is that you construction yourself or hire the tillers construction? How to grout more cost-effective and how to construct better? Let's take you to know about it.

1. Construction Yourself

Although grouting looks simple to operate, after all, three materials seven division of labor, ceramic tile grout construction operability, construction quality accounts for 70%, it can be seen that if you have no experience in their own construction is still easy to have problems. Although save the cost of labor, the details of the tile grout is not in place, over a long time, the tile grout will appear peeling, cracking, color problems, so that you cannot guard against. The effect is not good, still need to rework redo, time-consuming and laborious.



2. And half a pack

Half package refers to the owners to buy their own tile grout and then find a professional construction team. In fact, half a package of construction and contractor package material prices are almost the same. And the owner has to spend their own time to compare and buy the tile grout. Once there is a problem in the future, there will be a situation of shirking responsibility. The construction party says that the owner has a problem in purchasing materials, and the materials chamber says that the construction party has improper construction. Finally, the owner can only suffer from his own losses and let it go.



3. Contract workers and materials

Contracting workers and materials is the tile grout material and construction services are provided by the tile grout company. Kelin flexible tile grout factory has its own professional construction team. Before the construction, we will conduct measurement and color matching at home for free, provide professional advice and guidance, and sign the contract. After the construction, we will have a perfect after-sales service department to provide one-stop shopping experience for consumers.



Through the above comparison, it is clear that the contract of labor and materials is cost-effective. But in the choice is also to choose regular, high quality brand of tile grout.