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Here comes the point about Kelin!

Kelin tile grout It is a leading one-stop professional sewing service platform in China. It belongs to Shenyang Kelin New Material Co., LTD., the first brand of Kelin tile grout products. Kelin tile grout aims to create a fashionable and environmentally friendly home living environment for the public. With the high quality of the tile grout products, professional tile grout construction as the core. Heart for owners to provide one-stop worry-free shopping experience. As of May 2017, Kelin tile grout sales & Service outlets have been completed, Break through 2000.



With a number of real estate agents, home building materials seller and the interior decoration service provider reaching a strategic partnership. At the same time, all products of Kelin have been unanimously approved by China Life Insurance Company. It became the only one enterprise in the industry. Tile Grout brand insured by China Life Insurance Company. Shenyang Kelin New Materials Co., LTD. It is now the country's first company integrating r&d, production, sales and construction. The annual output value of nearly 100 million yuan of large-scale product research and development manufacturing enterprises. Kelin follows the wave of Internet thought and applies the O2O marketing concept to the end market.



Providing consumers with professional, dedicated, and intimate nanny-style service enables consumers to fully experience the perfect experience brought by the forest during the construction process. Also bringing the rich return for the brand service provider. Welcome to contact Kelin China tile grout wholesaler.